HDB Interior Design Singapore

Public housing in Singapore may be considered as a vertical community consisting of multi-floors and common utility areas. If you are living in one you will understand what we mean here. Most of the common areas are located in the “voids” meaning empty, intentionally left for activities like community meetings, weddings, parties etc. Your block may be sporting a lone shop or two for convenience and certainly not the amenities that are associated with luxury condos or lone standing modern bungalows. By HDB interior design Singapore you can make up for this loss and furbish your interiors with innovative design ideas and themes. De Style is a superior interior designer specialized in transforming drab looking HDB interiors tasteful contemporary living space.

With a HDB housing it may seem impossible for some, but not for De Style and the team. These small housing units can be made beautiful living space by adding elements that are associated with urban contemporary homes.  You may not be able to completely change your exterior because you share the space with others and there are rules that say you cannot do that. But you can change your interiors and change them according to the latest style and your own taste.

Here are ways to improve the appearance of your HDB housing in Singapore

HDB renovation Singapore will employ the following interior design elements to improve the looks and comfort.

  • Relay the floor with choice tiles that are colorful with beautiful patterns and textures. The tiles could be natural stones or engineered tiles. The ceramic or porcelain tiles are affordable for HDB housing but they can significantly increase the ambience of your interiors with their gloss and finish.
  • The same goes to the walls as they can be repainted with soothing paint colors or covered with contemporary wallpapers that can be 2D or 3D. The 3-d wallpapers can certainly add depth to your HDB housing interior and make it look bigger. Wallpapers with their infinite number of design, style, color and pattern could offer hundreds of wall covering choices.
  • You can rethink furniture and some new that are stylish and contemporary. You can add sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, racks, and shelves to your space and make it look comprehensively luxurious. Wall & table fixtures can further enhance the richness and actually give the impression of the rooms being bigger.
  • You can replace your old window AC and opt for a new mini-split system. This will not only improve air-quality and comfort but also reduce energy bills that otherwise would have been bloated owing to outdated AC units. The min-split indoor unit will beautifully merge with the wall or ceiling décor and further enhance the contemporary looks.
  • Lighting is another aspect that the HDB interior design Singapore would focus into make maximum impact. They would include imbedded LED lighting on the ceiling to increase luminescence without actually being irritating to the eyes. Shaded lights, floor lights, and wall lights can create moods befitting the demand of the interior space and owners whims.

De Style with its expertise, experience and specialization brings new dimensions to HDB interior design Singapore and can bring definite change and charm to your otherwise monotonous HDB interiors. Contact us to transform your humble abode in to superb upscale contemporary living space.