Consult Condo renovation Singapore to Increase ambience and value for your old home

Is it possible to remodel a condo?

Yes, it is possible and you can certainly remodel your condo because you own it. Secondly it is not an apartment where you have limited possibilities of altering the structure or adding or reducing. Having said that we should also mention here that most condos are affiliated to homeowners associations that may intervene and limit your changes, for example wooden floors that can work up a din while walking. The noise could get into your neighbors nerve and they will certainly report it to the association. However the said restrictions are hugely limited and may not get in the way of your condo remodeling idea. Engage a condo renovation Singapore company to get it right though. 

Condo renovations can be costly affairs but in the end you will find that it is worth doing.  You can buy a condo in your neighborhood and renovate it. A condo has more chances of entering into the real estate market than a lone standing house and it is always better to fix up a $300,000 condo than a $600,000 as it will be cheaper but higher in value if you decide to let it go. You can also obtain a 30 years mortgage on a condo and even get finance for remodeling.

Features that you can easily change to bring maximum effect

If you buy a condo and want to remodel it there are features that you need to look first in the condo because they require your immediate attention. Also find features that are cheaper to fix so you don’t end up spending more than the condo is worth for. Also find the right place to buy the condo, because a bad neighborhood with cheaper condo on sale can be a bad idea because it will always remain as a bad neighborhood. Look for these features that you can repair or fix easily and come out without a hole in the purse.

Bad or old carpets if the condo is old fashioned and have carpets for a floor you can certainly change it by going for a economy friendly hardwood or tile surface. the change can bring in a complete transformation and the condo renovation Singapore will let you have the right flooring design idea to your property.

Outdated lighting lights bring in the mood and transforms spaces in to dreamlands. You can take out the old and outdated lighting and bring the contemporary luminescence in place. You will find that the entire mood of the living space is changed for good. You can also get rid of the old lighting and earn money by selling it to an old timer

Fading paint work Changing the paint to contemporary shades can add new dimension to your condo and make it look absolutely new. On the other hand you can choose wallpaper over paint as it will add variety, color, pattern and texture not to mention style

Replace or install cabinets cabinets are useful items to replace and they will also add to the existing structure giving depth to the ambience. By adding new cabinets to your kitchen you can change the way it looks and at the same time find more space for storage.

You can consult a Condo renovation Singapore agency or entirely leave the redesign ideas to them and ask them to carry out with your approval. You will find in the end that you have a brand new condo without spending tons of money.

Simple, but solid cabinets – Realistically, it’ll be hard to find a fixer upper that doesn’t need a new kitchen, so in many cases you’ll be buying cabinets. That sucks because cabinets are ruinously expensive. Even the cheapest Ikea cabinets could cost over $5k in a moderately sized condo kitchen. In our remodel, semi-custom cabinets were quoted at $7k and fully custom cabinets over $25k. Instead, try to find a condo with reusable cabinetry that you can reface for a couple thousand.

Reusable tile in the bathroom If you have tile in the bathroom that you’d be willing to re-use, you can save thousands. Contrary to what you might think, tubs, toilets and vanity’s are relatively inexpensive, so if you can reuse tile you can make any bathroom look awesome for $3-5k. In our remodel, the tile (and labor to install it) cost close to that alone.