How you can make your small condo look bigger and cozier

Condo living is at its zenith of popularity as people find it an efficient way of coping with the contemporary city life as it allows access to modern amenities that are only available in Metropolitan life spaces. Condos are mostly popular because of their easy access to schools, hospitals, workplaces, shopping malls and necessary lifestyle points. But there is a common belief that condos are restricted in living space and have uniform layouts and finishes which may not jell with people who like exclusivity. Here is where we, De Style step in and remove your apprehensions by bringing out the best within the available space.

If you are living in a Singapore condo that has space limitations then it is an opportunity for you to improve it great by introducing energy efficient elements in to the architecture. This would save energy bills while presenting a unique style. You can even add a garden to your condo where you can relax after a hard day slog. Limited space availability is no deterrent to condo interior design Singapore as it can expand your space by introducing elements that can give a feel of living in a bigger space.

Here are some condo renovation Singapore ideas that you can adopt for your living space:

• Use wallpapers or paints

Any element introduced in to a room that draws you eyes upwards will make your space appear bigger. Wallpapers or paint can make rooms look bigger with their depth and texture and De Style choose them accordingly and install to make rooms look larger than usual. Paints can do the same and you need to choose the paint that will offer more depth.

• Apply lighter shades

By applying light shades on the walls and floors your condo space can appear bigger. Dark paints or wallpapers can make rooms smaller because they don’t reflect light. By opting to light shaded wall and floor colors you can also make rooms feel airy.

• Create that extra space with furniture

You can create the extra space by planting furniture little away from the walls, which gives the perception of the room being large and spacious. Tastefully chosen color scheme for the furniture that blends with the rest of the interior colors will enhance the feeling of being big.

• Increase coziness by applying retro or classic style

Your small condo can be transformed into a comfortable and cozy living space by adding the classic or retro design. This is done by adding furniture clothing and carpeting and also wall and cabinet fixtures that reflect the old world charm.

• Mix color scheme with plain and printed

This is another way of increasing ambience and mood in a smaller condo, and you can mix the two opposites, plain and printed or colored. Innovatively mixed plain and printed colors and patterns can produce a heady mixture which will go well with city living and taste.

• Bring natural elements into the condo scheme

City life can be congested and prevent you from viewing natural scenery. By adding a condo garden and spacious windows you can bring the natural element within your condo. You can always develop a condo garden on the balcony or choose a condo which is near natural landscape.

There are more ways that Condo renovation Singapore can make your small space bigger and cozier and De Style is front leader in accomplishing this task.