Overview of commercial interior design Singapore and how it could help business

Our commercial interior decorations are designed to create interesting visual space that is based on a specific theme. On the other hand we can also generate new level of interest in a space which is otherwise ordinary. We at De Style aim to bring significance and impact in a good commercial decoration which otherwise go unnoticed largely.

How do we define Commercial interior design Singapore?

This is essentially meant for commercial spaces that cater to large number of public namely retail outlets, offices, public spaces, eateries, cafes and lobbies. The process of interior designing actually starts when you are in the planning stage, so apparently we work with architects to determine elements that will decide the looks of the finished space. When the space construction is complete, then De Style takes over to add decorative elements and furniture so the originally throughout goals are achieved.

What is the purpose of interior design?

There are several reasons that a commercial or public agency will pay for interior design. For a retail shop, a tastefully designed and furnished space will be an attractive proposition for customers. A good looking interior is likely to keep customers engaged inside which consequently will result in profitable business.  In other cases the interior design may be aimed at creating a theme and establishing a corporate image which is popular. For example an IT company will decorate and furnish the lobby in line with a contemporary theme so it radiates efficiency and futuristic character. In fact these two characteristics are very common with the contemporary Office interior design Singapore.

What is the role of the commercial interior design company?

Aim of the commercial interior design Singapore is to understand the requirements of the client and accordingly fit the scheme in to the budget. Our team will meet the renovation or construction in-charge and also with the deputed architect to lend and share ideas. De Style will present the client with computer simulated models or sketches of the design and let them visualize the space. Once the design or model is finalized, we will find the right furnishing to go with the finished space. 

What are the skills we use for commercial interior designs?

We make use of a wide range of skills to design commercial interiors.  Our team first understands the plans that the client has for the space and then offer or suggests novel ideas that are based on the overall design goals of the project. De Style employs the best talents in the interior design industry who have greater understanding of design elements such as line, form and color and also good grasp of design history combined with the latest trends in interior designs. We have access to a huge network of suppliers who would provide top class furniture, light fixtures, wall arts and carpeting for our projects.

What are the commercial interior design Styles?

There is no such set rule for commercial interior design Singapore as we can use any of the existing contemporary style or come up with a one-off new style. For corporate lobbies we use modern and contemporary designs and we apply the same to tech-based offices. Contemporary designs have also made their way in to government buildings and we are quite flexible in introducing classic interior decorations replete with country theme or wood designs to provide greater warmth to the interior.