Important elements that HDB interior design Singapore include in its housing projects

Alluring Interior designs are the trend of the day and most homes both and old are opting for it now. Well decorated interiors increase aesthetics of home besides providing a pleasant environment to live in for the owners. Homes made up with innovative interior design are more valued than the conventional homes that have just four painted walls and ceiling to boast with. HDB interior design Singapore strives to give the best interiors to city homes and will take the entire responsibility of designing the house and also design the furniture that will be fitted during the building process and after.

Likely interior design elements that the interior design contractor will induct in a house:


Space is the most important element of an interior designing plan. It is the foundation on which the whole interior designing ideas will be implemented. So it is highly important that the designer has knowledge of the available space, dimensions and their possible utilities. There are two types of spaces available here namely 2-dimensional space that covers the floors, and 3-d space which makes up the living area.


Forms and shapes are given birth by lines and they establish a sense of synchrony, unity and contrast to the living space. Lines are the visual guides for living space as they clearly define shapes. Lines come into three categories namely Vertical, Horizontal, and dynamic. HDB interior design Singapore understands the importance of lines and come with right form and shapes.


Shapes in general are called forms, and any three dimension object with outline is known as form. Three or more shapes can be clubbed together to create forms and forms are accentuated by adding colors, patterns and textures. Well drawn forms help establish harmony and the additional forms provide balance to the living space.


In the field of interior design light is the most obvious. Whether it is man-made or natural, an interior design project is meaningless to add color, pattern and texture without light.  It sets the mood of the living space and creates an ambience which is livable and lovable. Light enhance the presence of all elements present in a room so HDB interior design Singapore makes sure that it is divided in the right amount in all the rooms.


You don’t need to give special introduction to color, because it is directly connected with aesthetics and help set the mood of the living space. It connects objects in a room and colors should be chosen carefully so they create the right moods for the inhabitant.


In the task of interior design pattern infuses life and interest and beautifully combine with colors. Elements of continuity are done by patterns and it transforms smoothly to one room to another. HDB interior design Singapore inducts the right pattern in to its interior space to provide flawless living space to owners.


This aspect mainly deals with home surfaces and decides how a particular surface should look and feel. With texture you add depth to the living space and maintain the interest to live in. Texture also depicts the look, feel and consistency of the home surface. It is divided into two general categories namely Visual Texture and Actual Texture which is being felt.