Affordable interior design Singapore with quality features

Are you looking for top interior design Singapore that is utterly professional and time committed in delivery? Do you want to renovate existing space or spruce up old one with tasteful interior decoration elements? De Style offer the best professional interior design service in all of Singapore and are versatile in providing space saving solutions for Condo and complete utility for landed properties. We not only save space or expand utilities but also make your homes look good to your eyes and comfortable for your weary bodies. We have plenty of experience in renovating condos, HDBs and Landed Housings and can upgrade to extract maximum comfort and convenience.

We undertake a variety of renovation projects for the following properties

  • Condominium or Condos
  • HDB or Housing Development Board properties
  • Landed properties
  • Commercial space
  • Showrooms

We consider the following while carrying out renovations

  • Does your property requires brand new interiors or renovate?
  • Do you need more functionality or stylish elements?
  • Do you have a concept of how the new interior will look like?
  • Are you in a position to source all the interior decoration elements?
  • Can you procure furniture and fixtures you need for the renovation on your own?
  • Can you dedicate time and energy to help with the renovation?
  • Are you capable of coordinating with the suppliers, carpenters, technicians, lighting experts, plumbers, and interior designer?
  • Can you get these things done within a stipulated time frame?

These are questions you will ask you and find difficult to answer because they are tough propositions.  Interior designing and execution is beyond the capacity and capability of an individual who knows nothing about it so we step in and help when people like you contact us. De Style has the capacity to handle even larger home and commercial projects as we are endowed with the support of resource suppliers and a team of technical experts such as mentioned above. We can transform your dull looking home into a heavenly paradise by adding extraordinary interior design elements that are most contemporary.  If you want your interiors beautified make a call and get a quote now!

Best of what we can offer to interior design Singapore

We aim to install interior elements that look not only beautiful but also utilitarian. We use most energy conserving kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures to save money and effort. We make sure that our clients get maximum comfort and value out of our interior design Singapore. We make time bound deliveries of your project to owners and importantly save bother and inconvenience. We introduce both conventional and contemporary element into our interior designs to bring the best fusion so it looks unique and one-off design. We also make the best out of any budget that owners allot for their interiors and make every penny count while not compromising with quality and serviceability.  We also offer the most competitive interior design quotes that are designed to facilitate your means and resources while explaining the whole process of your interior design plans before embarking.