Interior Design for Your Singapore HDB or Condo

To purchase and move into a place of our own is one of life's greatest experience and investment. Stepping into a home that reflects your character, that welcomes and invites, is something truly special. As a dedicated design firm, De Style Interior strives to deliver the best experience and to make your investment worthwhile. With your trust, we deliver beyond your expectations.

From a unique design for a studio apartment, to larger scale projects for 3 or 5 bedroom HDBs, De Style has worked with countless homes throughout Singapore to produce unique, personalised designs made to impress. Our team are knowledgeable in the latest interior trends, and have an eye for space and light, turning any property into a warm, creative locale.

Modern designs for homes of all sizes

At De Style, we work carefully to cater to your vision and lifestyle needs. We understand that everyone has their own personal taste and aesthetic, which is why we always discuss with you what you’re looking for, and consider it in our design. We combine all elements, from space to mood to light, and create a truly holistic home experience. From the contemporary home to the classic, rustic look, we can discuss your preferred look for your HDB, landed property or commercial space and create something perfect.

Let’s create your vision together

With Singapore’s HDB and condominium spaces getting increasingly more “cosy”, the interior space of a home should serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Our designers have the professionalism, creativity, imagination and resources to ensure that your HDB flat or condominium apartment, meets those two purposes.

Feeling unsure of what type of interior design is best suited for you? Give us a call today and our professional staff will be able to advise you on how De Style can help you achieve the home design of your dreams!