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Singapore’s Professionals in Interior Design Consultancy

Professional design consultants creating marvellous spaces. De Style Interior has steadfastly proven their creative spirit and professionalism with design and construct projects that flawlessly integrate functionality with an aesthetic sense.

De Style Interior offers interior design services for both commercial and residential projects. Each new project is carefully and meticulously catered to meet the tastes of our clients. Every element within the design is carefully chosen, and not just to fulfil an aesthetic purpose.

How can De Style help?

De Style specialises in a variety of properties, commercial and residential, creating beautiful spaces across Singapore. The team love letting their creative eye flourish, but always ensure your vision is at the forefront of each creation. We are available to help design and create spaces for:

Whatever your property, De Style is available to provide a solution for you. If you aren’t sure whether we can help you, simply get in touch with the De Style team and we will guide you through what we can do. Ambience is everything, which is why we endeavour to create one that is warm, welcoming and vibrant, perfectly tailored to your aesthetics.

Discover your property’s potential

While looks and style are always a top priority in De Style designs, we always consider functionality, convenience and a space that complements your lifestyle. Whether you need plenty of space for the kids or looking for a shop that has plenty of storage and display space to use, simply discuss with us your priorities and we’ll reflect that in our plans.

If you are interested in getting your property, home or office space designed by a team of professionals, enquire with us today. We’re always excited to start a new project, so fill out an enquiry form online and we’ll get back to you promptly.